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Join TCoffee and Code Week – 1st to 5th Feb

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Join us for “TCoffee and Code”

Join us every day between the 1st & 5th of February for TCoffeeAndCode as we have a virtual coffee break at 11am GMT each day.
With Covid still keeping many developers away from the office and the rest of their teams, we decided to create a week of virtual coffee breaks. We are hoping to have general conversations on a topic each day,
The format for these sessions will be relaxed and informal, it’s a coffee break after all! You will have the chance to put your webcams on, see other developers and share your questions directly with the leading names in the industry.

A special shout out to Grey Matter, Embarcadero’s official partner in the UK who is providing free Coffee to anyone who signs up in the UK.

TCoffee and Code – Agenda

Monday 1st Feb – Watch the replay now!

  • Topic: Industry Trends and RAD Studio’s future
  • Special Guest: Marco Cantu
    • Marco Cantu, Senior Product Manager at Embarcadero overseas the Delphi language, and is engaged at the leading edge of our industry. – A session not to miss!

Tuesday 2nd Feb

  • Topic: Expanding RAD Studio with the OpenTools API
  • Special Guests: David Millington, David Hoyle, David Nottage
    • We will be sharing some of the exciting things going on to help developers make more out of RAD Studio and how to expand the IDE with the Open Tools API.
    • David Millington, Senior Product Manager at Embarcadero overseas the C++ language and RAD Studio IDE, as well as the WholeTomato IDE addons for Visual Studio.
    • David Hoyle is an Embarcadero MVP and author of Open Tools API packages and a leading book on the topic.

Wednesday 3rd Feb

  • Topic: Managing Open Source Projects
  • Special Guest: Daniele Teti
    • This is a great chance to hear from the man behind the most popular Github project for Delphi on what it takes to run and share an open-source project, and how it helps him as a developer.

Thursday 4th Feb

  • Topic: Towards Test-Driven Development
  • Special Guest: Jens Fudge
    • Jens is speaking and teaching about TDD regularly. A great chance to discuss the topic in person.

Friday 5th Feb

  • Topic: Mind your language!
  • Special Guest: Marco Cantu & David Millington
    • A discussion on the new language features in both Delphi and C++ over recent years and what they mean for us as developers.

While we are going to try our best to ensure all runs as per this agenda, sometimes due to events outside our control, topics, presenters, and running order may change. So make sure you tune in every day to catch the best of all the discussions. 

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