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High-Performance Multi-Platform UI Component Set For Your Next Big Project

high performance vcl fmx ui component set for your next big project

When you start building your projects, you would like to start with one UI component set to target Android, iOS, macOS, Windows. The standard components provide enough tools to make any type of application but, sometimes you need a cross-platform UI component set. And the solution is the TMS FNC UI Pack. TMS FNC UI Pack includes optimized and advanced grid, planner, treeview, rich editor, and diverse components.

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TMS FNC Grid component is one of the feature-rich & powerful grid components to make responsive and data-oriented systems. It offers:

  • Autosizing columns / rows on double-click
  • Highly configurable and flexible grid
  • Cells with support for HTML formatted text, like hyperlinks
  • Filtering and grouping features
  • Highly optimized for iOS and Android
  • HTML and PDF export options
  • Excel import
  • And more

You can easily download and install the TMS FNC UI Pack from the GetIt Package Manager. And you will get samples and complete documentation for all the available components.

  • TMS FNC KanbanBoard
  • TMS FNC Ribbon
  • TMS FNC Planner
  • TMS FNC Calendar
  • And more

Be sure to head over and check out the TMS FNC UI Pack on the GetIt portal and download it from the IDE.

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