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Flexible and Robust ESBPCS for VCL Component Suite in Delphi on Windows

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ESBPCS is a huge collection of Components and Routines, aimed to make Date Entry and Manipulation easier for the Delphi Developer, and for those using the products that are produced. Full Source code is included, and there are subsets for those who are interested: ESBPCS-Lite for those who don’t need data aware routines and components; ESBPCS-Calcs for those after the Calculator and Measurement Conversion side of things; ESBPCS-Dates for those after the Calendar, Date and Time side of things; and ESBPCS-Stats for those after the Statistical side of things. With over 20 years of development and customer support, why not see if ESBPCS can help your Delphi development today.

ESB Consultancy is a family run company based in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. We use our tools like, ESBPCS for VCL, in our local and international client work, as well as in developing our Calculators and other Commercial products.

Edit Controls that are enhanced for specific data types, and allow you to enter data the way you want to. These have been very popular with our European and Asian customers. Calculator that can be customised and used as an Engine or a Component. Measurement Conversions via a huge collection of routines and components, and is used in our very popular commercial application, ESBUnitConv Pro https://www.esbconsult.com/esbcalc/esbunitconvpro.htmExtensive Date Library – not only can you get the date for Easter and other Christian Holidays, but you can also get the dates for Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah. Not to mention Calendars, Julian Calendar support, and much more. Plus Components and Routines included cover Mathematics, Probability, Statistics, Complex Numbers, Fractions, Physics, Geometry, Astronomy, Longitude/Latitude, Unit Conversions, Strings, File IO, Registry, Financials, Country Lists, Holidays, Time Zones, Dates and Times, and much more.

  • Works with: Delphi, C++Builder, VCL
  • Works on: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit

ESB Consultancy is an

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