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Displaying the selected row of a DBGrid in a different color

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Author: Embarcadero USA

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FAQ711D.txt   Displaying the selected row of a DBGrid in a different color
Category   :Database/VCL
Platform    :All
Product    :Delphi 3.x  

How can I show selected row in a dbgrid in a different color
without using dgRowSelect (because I need to edit the data)?

If you want to color the selected row in a DBGrid but you don't
want to use the dgRowSelect option because you want to be able
to edit the data you can use the following technique on the 
DBGrid.OnDrawColumnCell event:

  TCustomDBGridCracker = class(TCustomDBGrid);
procedure TForm1.DBGrid1DrawColumnCell(Sender: TObject; 
  const Rect: TRect; DataCol: Integer; Column: TColumn; 
  State: TGridDrawState);
  with Cracker(Sender) do
    if DataLink.ActiveRecord = Row - 1 then
      Canvas.Brush.Color := clRed
      Canvas.Brush.Color := clWhite;
  DefaultDrawColumnCell(Rect, DataCol, Column, State);

7/16/98 4:31:28 PM

Article originally contributed by Borland Staff

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