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Delphi25 Stories – Part 3 – Uwe Raabe, Javier Pareja, Fernando Rizzato

the future of starts demands massive productivity

We’re back with Part 3 of our Delphi25 stories. Thank you all so much for engaging with our first and second posts, and for watching our Delphi25th Stories series on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the interview with Delphi’s creators and the playlist with Delphi stories from some of our fabulous MVPs and community members. 

Happy 25th Birthday Delphi, from the community that you’ve made possible. Be sure to visit the new Delphi celebration site.

“The sudden availability of Delphi was a massive game changer.”

-Uwe Raabe


“[translated] Delphi has positioned itself as the best tool for developing cross-platform applications

-Javier Pareja (Spanish)
  (Google Translate link)

“[translated] There were 25 years of a lot of sweat and joy!”

-Fernando Rizzato 
 (Portuguese video)


I convinced the development department in which I worked to use Object Pascal to develop a SCADA application to control electric supply for electrical railways. I pointed out that with Pascal it is possible to implement easy to maintain code. We used Object Pascal for a very short time when Delphi 1 was issued.

As many developers were in our team not every code was optimal and so too slow. So at home I developed my runtime measurement tool, ProDelphi, which I could use not only in the company of my employer but also could be made available to others. My aim always was to make a tool for small money available for hobby programmers and start-up companies to improve the code developed with my favourite programming language.

Since 6 years now I am retired and Delphi is my hobby and no more my profession. I can not stop working with Delphi. I love Delphi, it is the best RAD tool existing. Some users of my application since 20 years now order updates whenever new versions of Delphi are issued. My wife would like to stop my programming work to spent more time for other things. But, as long as I can, I will continue working with Delphi and supporting users to develop fast software.

-Helmuth Adolph, ProDelphi

“I will continue working with Delphi and supporting users to develop fast software.”

-Helmuth Adolph

See ProDelphi in action

We want to hear about your experiences with Delphi too. Please go to social media and use the tags #Delphi25th, #MyDelphiStory, and #WhyILoveDelphi to share your story and celebrate 25 years of Delphi with us!

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