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Sylt App für den Urlaub (App for Vacation) – Cool Apps Selection

Today’s CoolApps selection is Sylt App für den Urlaub (App for Vacation), by Rolf Eschenbach. This suite of apps is a one-stop resource for vacation information and is jam-packed with useful tools and info. Sylt App für den Urlaub was developed with Delphi using FireDAC and FMX components, and is available on Android and iOS platforms. 


Rolf is a long-time Delphi developer/trainer and also a keen watersports enthusiast. He developed this app suite as a means to have wind, weather, and travel information all in one place. You can find travel diaries, checklists, currency converters, wind charts, forecasts, current weather information, and more, all in a single app. Sylt App für den Urlaub is currently localized for over 40 locations in Europe.

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Sylt App für den Urlaub is free to install on Android, and for a nominal fee on iOS. Both use German as its native language. It’s a wonderful example of Delphi in action and has so many really cool features I want to play with and try out. I’m delighted to feature it as an Embarcadero Cool Apps selection, and I hope you all download it to use on your next European holiday.

Find Sylt App für den Urlaub here

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