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Beyond Compare – Cool Apps Selection

Today’s Cool Apps selection is Beyond Compare, from Scooter Software. Beyond Compare is a data management utility that allows users to compare and reconcile documents, files, folders, and even whole system drives quickly and easily. It’s a deeply useful resource, and it is built and powered by Delphi. The Scooter Software team has put together a great intro video to showcase Beyond Compare, so let’s take a look.

As you could see, Beyond Compare works with all kinds of data, from images to file trees and everything in between. You can compare, merge, and sync your data with ease. I really like the way it can recognize the type of file it’s comparing and changes its file comparison view accordingly. Beyond Compare is super user-friendly and has a ton of potential applications in a lot of different fields.

If you are in any field of work that relies on both collaboration and accurate documentation, then Beyond Compare is a must for you. Scooter Software has created a wonderfully useful program with Delphi, and it is worth your while to have a closer look. It is available in both Standard and Pro licences, and you can get a free 30-day trial from their website. Check it out today and congratulations again to Beyond Compare, today’s Embarcadero Cool Apps selection.

Learn more about Beyond Compare:

Scooter Software Website

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