Using an IDE: Getting back to code faster

A C++ IDE or an Integrated Development Environment is application development software written to give you a way to create or write C++ applications and programs. There is usually a single interface that incorporates all the tools you need to develop applications including: Compiler Debugger Code Editor UI Designer Documentation While some developers believe that you don’t necessarily need an…
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Webinar Replay: C++ Software Security Sins

In the world of software development, we are up against new cyber security threats each day, and the risks and consequences of un-secure software is too great to be unaware of.   Join presenter, Mary Kelly, to address the key security sins related to C++ applications, how…

Using C++ Templates to Write Functions and Classes

C++ Templates : Blueprints for Generic Classes and Functions C++ Templates are a powerful feature within the C++ language that extends your capabilities within C++. Templates are a foundation of generic programming that lets you reuse your source code if you have…