New in C++Builder 10.2.3: C++ Rename Refactoring

Yesterday, we released RAD Studio 10.2.3! Over the next week, we’ll be blogging about some of the new features. Today I’d like to look at the introduction of rename refactoring for C++. Whatis refactoring? Over time, code grows and changes. You need to maintain it: in fact, one sign of a good programmer is keeping the codebase clean: well organised,well…
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Some Suggestions to Help the Delphi Compiler

Offering some tips and suggestions you can consider to help the compiler be faster and consume less memory using the current version of Delphi. Over the last couple of years, Embarcadero has put a significant effort into optimizing the Delphi Object Pascal compilers&#8217…

Announcing Enterprise CodeRage 2022

Join Embarcadero for this short two day virtual conference on Enterprise development with your favorite development tools. December 20th and 21st from 10 AM to 5 PM CST each day, all free. Topics include multithreaded algorithms, SQL databases, custom VCL styles, microservices, refactoring, enterprise iOS app deployment, visualization, user interface design, and more! Save Your Seat Each…
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Top 5 Platforms For Windows Applications Development in 2022

In the past, Windows applications development used to be a complex and time taking process. However, developers can now build efficient Windows apps in less time using advanced technologies like intelligent IDEs and code editors. These tools simplify the process of developing apps and enhance the productivity of developers by providing tools and functions which enhance the developer’s coding…
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WinForms vs WPF vs UWP: Expectations vs. Reality

The first step during Windows app development is determining which Windows app development tools you will use. Let’s do a WinForms vs WPF vs UWP comparison and look at a better alternative from Embarcadero.  Microsoft currently provides three different…
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What Is The Best IDE For Windows Application Development?

It might seem a simple choice, but there are several things which need to be taken into consideration when we go in search of the best IDE for Windows application development. First, let’s discuss why Windows is the best platform for software development a fact which is borne out by an incredible majority of developers who choose to use Windows as their primary operating system. Then we will…
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