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Highly Professional Cross-Platform Localization Tool For Windows And Mobile

Creating an app and starting a business is different than distributing the written software to the world. Globalization is the biggest trend right now in all markets. If you want to stay competitive you should think about localizing your software to each market specifically or at least target big markets. With RAD Studio (Delphi and C++Builder), we can create solutions really fast but when it…
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How To Automate Large Numbers Of Delphi Project Builds

What is build automation? Despite the ever-increasing rise of mobile devices, desktop applications are still the backbone of enterprise environments. Typically, these enterprise solutions are made up from multiple discrete modules which are harnessed together to create an application suite. But even applications which are themselves monolithic there may exist multiple versions at any one time…
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How To Migrate Legacy C++ Apps To Unicode

This brief article focuses on helping you migrate your legacy C++ IDE applications to Unicode. Based on information from the Embarcadero consultants here you will find tips, tricks, and techniques to migrate legacy C++ Builder apps to a newer version. We will look at…
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6 Simple Ways to Generate Dummy Data for Your Windows Apps

In this article, you’ll learn what is the purpose of dummy data generation, using python windows GUI builder to add features and functionalities to python, using python libraries to generate Dummy Data for Windows apps; Getting started with Python4Delphi and RAD Studio, and many more. What is the purpose of dummy data generation? As a Developer or Tester, sometimes we need a large volume…
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Powered By Delphi: A Dynamic Desktop Search Engine Office Document Finder

Office Document Finder is a desktop search engine intended for quick searching and viewing PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from application, browser or mobile and it is developed in Delphi. Built using HTML Component Library and HTML Office Library. There are screenshots here from Windows, macOS, and Linux. Great example of a cross-platform Delphi app! Features All formats &#8211…
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