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Highly Professional Cross-Platform Localization Tool For Windows And Mobile

Creating an app and starting a business is not the same as distributing written software worldwide. Globalization is the most important trend in all markets right now. If you want to stay competitive, consider localizing your software to each market or at least targeting large markets. We can create solutions quickly with RAD Studio (Delphi and C++Builder), but when it comes to software…
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Three Professional C++ Posts That You Should Read

Hello Developers, 2024 is getting closer, and on your desktop or laptop there is a RAD Studio, C++ Builder 12, a modern C++ IDE. Combine these with a hot coffee, these are enough to develop great applications. C++ remains hugely popular and C++17 was another big milestone in the history of C++. It comes with a lot of new features, and today we have 3 posts about them. We have 3 new post picks…
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The C++Builder 25th Anniversary: Visual Development, the Power of the C++ Language and 2.5 decades of Continuing Excellence

Delphi version 1 was launched at the Software Development Conference in San Francisco on February 14, 1995. I and other team members would travel around the world giving demonstrations of the IDE, Object Pascal language, VCL components, and database connectivity. When Delphi was released, one of the frequently asked questions was, “where is the Borland C++ version”. At that time we…
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5 Ways To Make Use Of AI In Your Windows And Mobile Apps

AI is one of the most significant trends in the app development industry. We can witness that artificial intelligence is coursing into every regular activity of ours whether it is medicine, finance, production, cyber security through mobile and desktop applications. In…

How To Migrate Legacy C++ Apps To Unicode

This brief article focuses on helping you migrate your legacy C++ IDE applications to Unicode. Based on information from the Embarcadero consultants here you will find tips, tricks, and techniques to migrate legacy C++ Builder apps to a newer version. We will look at working with Unicode in C++ Builder. For example you may know for the string datatype C++ Builder offers several choices. Your…
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