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How To Create Your Own Components For The FastReport Dialog

When creating a report, it is important not only to make a nice printable form that will display the data the user needs but also a convenient pre-print dialog, where the user can set the parameters to generate the report. The FastReport preprint dialog already contains a number of components, for example, Label, Edit, Button, Memo. But sometimes this is not enough and you have to create your…
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How To Get The DelphiCon 2021 Desktop Wallpaper

DelphiCon 2021 is coming up soon and in order to get in the spirit we created this desktop wallpaper that captures the essence of DelphiCon. DelphiCon 2021is the best way to learn all about yourfavorite programming language. Sessions are planned around the latest features, as well as general best practices, and emerging technologies that apply to all versions. There are also sessions…
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Developer Stories: Georgi Todorov Gerasimov Talks Us Through His Sophisticated File Encryption App

Georgi Todorov Gerasimov has been using Delphi for many years. He has a showcase entry submission (FPS-SE) at the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge and we got to talk to him about his great Delphi experiences throughout the years. You can purchase and download his application over at File Protect System website. When did you start using RAD Studio Delphi and have long have you been using it? We…
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What's New in the GetIt Package Manager - June 2020

GetIt Newsletter – June 2020 Edition RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney is out now, and with that comes a host of new and updated content from the GetIt Package Manager. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and what’s hot from GetIt. Featured Package for 10.4 –EdgeView2 SDK The new Microsoft Edge browser provides users with a faster, more user-friendly experience than…
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