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5 Reasons We Are Addicted To App Builder Software

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Apps make the most part of our lives and their usage is only going to increase. No wonder app downloads increased worldwide by more than 63 percent to 230 billion in 2021. There are countless uses of apps found in our daily lives. With apps, individuals can measure daily calorie intake and perform book-keeping. Businesses also use enterprise-level solutions for employee management and training purposes. For this reason, 2 million new apps were released in 2021. App builder software lends businesses the ease of building apps themselves that cost a fraction of the traditional development prices.

Businesses and startups need apps to become visible to their customers. Having apps not only builds a direct marketing channel but also brand recognition and customer engagement. Apps are also highly considered to generate revenue for ventures and businesses. As a consequence, the app development service market is expected to grow at least five times faster than its capacity to meet the demand. IT teams are getting weighed down under never-ending workloads and pressure to deliver.

What does app builder software do?

App builder software provides an easy-to-create way of building apps. They allow teams with limited or no-technical knowledge to build high-quality web and mobile apps with quick time-to-market. 

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Citizen developers are becoming more important in businesses. According to a survey, firms report that 60% of apps are built outside of IT teams. This is made possible with app builder software. They work on the low-code/ no-code development approaches. Following are the reasons why the use of app builder software is growing and the benefits it renders. 

1. Ease of Use

App builder software is popular for building apps for small to medium-sized businesses. The ease of building apps with these platforms is indebted to the drag & drop visual editors. The drag & drop feature makes the app development direct and simple. As a result, little to no programming language expertise is required. One needs the knowledge to connect various elements used in building an app.

Furthermore, it is relatively easier to become an expert in building apps with software building tools. Traditional development takes more time and effort to gain expertise. RAD Studio Delphi and C++ builders offer enhanced productivity with the low code development environment.

2. Faster Development & Delivery 

There is no need for manually writing codes from scratch with app builder software. Thus, allowing a quick time-to-market. This software come with pre-programmed modules that are easy to add to the apps. These pre-built templates for common functionalities follow the best standards. 

App builder software can deliver functional apps with exceptional UI & UX experience. They empower citizen developers to start building apps in a matter of days, even hours. Traditional development approaches result in teams taking weeks, even months, to develop an app.

RAD Studio is a powerful app builder software. Its GUI development environment has built-in visual and non-visual components offering faster & smarter coding. 

3. Lower Development Cost 

App builder software offers affordable app development for businesses. Businesses can avoid outsourcing app development for thousands of dollars. Instead, they can create their apps themselves. In addition, testing and implementation are also easier and possible in less time. Thus, the overall cost of building apps is reduced.

App builder software eliminates the need for costly expert development teams to outsource app development. For businesses with a limited budget, app builder platforms are a great sigh of relief. Estimating the app development cost is hard as it involves many variables like expertise, features, integrations, etc. Yet businesses can create cost-effective apps with app builder software.

4. More Control and Increased Adaptability

Businesses generally have low or no access to the backend of an application that was developed by an outsourced team of developers. Thus, introducing new features, changes, releasing updates, and maintenance becomes challenging. It calls for to-and-fro communication between the in-house development team and the outsourced one. 

With app builder software, businesses can have more control over the backend of the app. They remove the dependency on the development team to make changes. With RAD Studio, development can be extended to custom functionalities for building a unique app.

5. Expanded Customer Reach 

Both native and cross-platform apps can be developed with an app builder software. In either case, the same app user experience is preferred over multiple platforms. 

Android users made up 70% of the 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide between 2012 – 2022. The iOS operating system had a 25% share. Businesses can have a wider audience reach with multi-platform functional apps. On the contrary, limiting your app to a specific platform like iOS may result in a revenue fence for your business. 

RAD Studio is the fastest way to develop high-performance cross-platform Native Apps. It supports Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux platforms. Businesses can tap multiple markets with their app being accessible on more than one platform. RAD Studio comes with a strong compiler and debugger. As a result, building applications and deploying them rapidly becomes an easy feat.

Isn’t it time to use app builder software for your next app development?

Some businesses outsource their app development to expert teams. And others rely on in-house development teams. Either way, using an app builder software benefits app development teams.

Moreover, most app builder software offers limited functionalities for building enterprise-level complex apps. But this limitation is removed with RAD Studio. It provides a low code development environment with customization. All of these reasons clearly make users get addicted to app builder software. 

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