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Wi-Fi management from applications using C++Builder

Author: h.mohri

Using C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo, explain how to switch Wi-Fi on Android.

Manage Wi-Fi switching using JWifiManager

I use di_JWifiManager which wrapped WifiManager.
di_JWifiManager is the Delphi interface.
Set the variable. _di_JWifiManager f_WifiManager; use it like this.

Required headers

Header file for using WifiManager.

Display design

It is a design for displaying on Android.

TEditTSwitchTTimerTLabel, was placed.


When the main form creation

Create _di_JWifiManager using TJWifiManager.

Monitor Wi-Fi status at Timer1 event.

When you tap the Switch1.

Change the Wi-Fi status when tapping the Switch1.
This uses the setWifiEnabled() function.




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