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Where Is A C++ Compiler Download For Windows App Development

Where Is A C++ Compiler Download For The Windows App Development

Here is the quick answer: If you are new to C++ and want to compile code for the first time, we recommend you try the free C++ Builder Community Edition for students, beginners, and startups.

C++ Builder is the easiest and fastest C and C++ IDE for building anything from simple to professional applications on the Windows, macOS, and mobile operating systems. It is also easy for beginners to learn with its wide range of samples, tutorials, help files, and LSP support for code. C++ Builder comes with RAD Studio, a powerful, helpful, and intuitive IDE for designing apps, creating, editing, and debugging code, and for packing those apps ready for deployment to your users either directly or via the various app stores. RAD Studio’s C++ Builder version comes with the award-winning VCL framework for high-performance native Windows apps and the powerful FireMonkey (FMX) framework for cross-platform UIs. More details about C++ Builder & RAD Studio for the beginners can be found in Official Wiki of Rad Studio.

Where Is A C++ Compiler Download For The Windows App Development The RAD Studio IDE window
  • RAD Studio, C++Builder professional editions comes packed full of components and tools to make your applications look great and to ease the inclusion of the most up to date features such as biometric authentication, REST libraries for internet services and APIs, in fact almost anything you can think of. You can prototype and implement your app’s visual design by making use of native widgets and platform-extending features, giving your customers an immersive, intuitive and familiar user experience.
  • Components are small packages of ready-to-use functionality which can be anything from visual controls like edit boxes and calendars, or complex multithreaded interactivity such as modern internet communications, to full-featured commercial quality database connectivity. Having thoroughly tested professionally written components makes for efficient coding and is one of the secrets to rapid application development – hence the name RAD Studio.
  • A productive developer is a happy developer. There is nothing quite so satisfying as producing great code. RAD Studio is designed to make your development experience easier with powerful features like code completion and error insight – tools which turbocharge your ability to write code by offering to complete methods and properties as well as highlighting any errors and giving you advice and tips on what might be wrong. It’s a little like having an intelligent spell checker and grammar assistant for your code!
  • A productive team makes everyone happy, especially the management and customers. C++Builder developers report they can deliver applications from concept to deployment 10x faster than with other tools – and getting to market that much faster means direct value to your company.
  • One part of the vast set of useful libraries we provide is FireDAC: an elegant, highly performant database layer. It provides data connectivity to 17 key databases, and over a hundred other data sources from Twitter to SAP through add-ons.
  • VCL and FMX frameworks include libraries built to make you more productive. For example, no C++ developer enjoys string manipulation using the STL’s std::string methods, or loading data in UTF-8 and converting to wide strings for Windows before modifying a string with the WinAPI. Let’s not even talk std::locale. RAD Studio provides powerful, useful classes for strings, conversions, file IO, streaming, JSON, REST, and anything else you need.

The latest version RAD Studio 11 has a customizable Welcome Screen with an informative, attractive, colorful look and feel. You can change the images for the background to suit your own preferences and edit the layout to choose the sizes and choices of the screen elements to give more or less prominence to sections to really make the Welcome Screen both useful and personal to how you want your IDE to look.

rads11 1 welcome shadows 2

Do you want to know more about the C++ Builder IDE?

Here is a recent article on the LearnCPlusPlus.org site which goes into more detail about what C++ Builder can do for your UI designs.

You can also read this article listing all the new and improved features that we’ve included in the very latest version of RAD Studio Alexandria.

cppbuilder11 8226130

What is C++Builder Community Edition?

C++Builder Community Edition is a full featured IDE for building iOS and Windows apps from a single modern C++ codebase (limited commercial use license). C++Builder Community Edition includes a code editor, powerful debugging tools, built-in access to popular local databases with live data at design time, Bluetooth and IoT capabilities and a visual UI designer with support for pixel perfect, platform specific styling.

Here are the features of the C++ Builder CE version;

  • Build Windows and iOS C++ Applications 10x Faster with Less Code.
  • C++Builder Community Edition provides you with an integrated toolchain and professional-level developer tools from Day 1
  • Featuring Clang-enhanced compiler, Dinkumware standard library, MSBuild/CMake/Ninja support, and popular libraries like Boost and Eigen.
  • Develop Windows and iOS applications with a single codebase and responsive UI.
  • Enjoy the award winning Visual Designer using the C++Builder VCL and FireMonkey frameworks for maximum productivity.
  • Built-in Debugging Tools that allow you to debug on any device.
  • Build database apps with local/embedded capabilities.
  • Hundreds of included components to enhance your app and reduce development cycles.
  • Direct access to InterBase, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQL Anywhere, Advantage DB, Firebird, Access, Informix, MongoDB, and more.
  • Licensed for use until your individual revenue from C++Builder applications or company revenue reaches $5,000 US or your development team expands to more than 5 developers.

If you want to learn more about the C++ compiler, IDE and C++ in general please check this post below.

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C++ Builder CE is the easiest and fastest C & C++ IDE for developing simple or professional applications on different operating systems. It is also easy for beginners to learn with its wide range of samples, tutorials, help files and LSP support. C++ Builder comes with Rapid Application Development Studio, also knowns as RAD Studio, and C++ Builder is one of the most professional IDEs that work under RAD Studio.

You can download the free C++ Builder Community Edition here: https://www.embarcadero.com/products/cbuilder/starter.Professional developers can use the Professional, Architect or Enterprise versions of C++ Builder. Please visit https://www.embarcadero.com/products/cbuilder.

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