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Utilize The Power Of Windows Management Instrumentation In Your Delphi Applications


When you create enterprise applications, and sometimes you need to automate administrative tasks in your system. With Delphi and GLibWMI components it is so easy. Through WMI you can control a local or remote Windows-based computer, despite the system version, utilizing the classes provided by Common Model Information.

GLibWMI is a set of components focused on Windows Systems Administration. And the components are based on Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). With the power of the Windows Management Instrumentation, you can create WMI scripts or applications to automate administrative tasks.

GLibWMI has 2 categories of component sets:

  • Hardware
    • Bios info
    • Processor info
    • Battery info
    • Fan info
    • Network Adapter info
    • USB Controller info
    • Physical Memory info
    • and more
  • Software
    • Operating System info
    • Environment info
    • Share info
    • Product info
    • Process info
    • User account info
    • and more

Head over and find out more information about the GLibWMI components in GetIt and then download it via the IDE.


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