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This Week’s Favorite Modern C++ Picks On LearnCPlusPlus.org

This Weeks Favorite Modern C++ Picks On LearnCPlusPlusorg

Hello C++ Developers.

We keep adding new and unique C++ posts to LearnCPlusPlus.org and these are mostly educational posts that can be used by a wide range starting from beginners to professional developers. We explain here how to use the powerful Modern C++ language in easy steps. We test examples with the latest RAD Studio, C++ Builder versions (10.4.2) to test modern ways in CLANG C++ Standards. Because of CLANG, most of our posts are compatible with Dev-C++, C++ Builder Community Edition, Visual C++, GNU C+/C++, Objective-C. Some of our posts are specific to VCL and FMX examples in C++ Builder. We are also trying to run old core methods with new modern ways in the latest C++ IDE. We wish these helping you a rapid introduction to programming in C++ if you’re a beginner, all the way to the most robust, modern, and latest techniques for those more experienced with the language or for those who are perhaps wanting to expand their knowledge with the most up-to-date features, routines, and methodologies.

We have new C++ posts with examples that can be used in your Windows applications or your Mobile application, games, or may help to extend your C++ knowledge by the given different methods below.

We also post a good selection of very useful C++ posts here on the Embarcadero Blog. To find them just click on the following dynamic search link: https://blogs.embarcadero.com/?s=c%2B%2B

How we can use C++ Builder in modern and professional ways

If you are following our posts these posts will be easy to understand awesome basics of modern C++. Here have new LearnCPlusPlus.org picks for you this week.

  • This Is How To Make Your Non-Rectangular Apps Draggable
  • Learn to Generate Beautiful Color Gradients in C++ Builder
  • This Is How To Use File Operations In C++
  • Learn How To Use Wide String Clear Methods in C++
  • How To Extract the Short Path Name From The File Path
  • This Is How To Add Characters to Wide Strings in Modern C++

Here are the C++ questions from developers that we answer in our posts

Here are the questions that answer in these post picks above,

  • How can I do transparent applications in C++?
  • How can I develop a transparent C++ Builder VCL application?
  • How can I develop a transparent C++ Builder FMX application?
  • How I can make a non-rectangular app draggable?
  • Can I set a color as a transparent color of a Form in C++?
  • How can I use ARGB Colors in C++?
  • What is AlphaColorRec?
  • How we can generate our color gradient as simple as possible?
  • How can I use dos commands to operate on files?
  • Can I use system commands in C++ to operate on files?
  • How can I list, copy, rename, delete, move files in C++?
  • Can I set the permission of files by using system commands in C++? 
  • What is ExtractShortPathName Method?
  • How I can use ExtractShortPathName Method to extract a Short Path Name from a file path String on Windows?
  • How can I clear a wide string in a simple way?
  • What kind of methods I can use to clear a std::wstring?
  • How can I use clear() method with wstrings?
  • Can I use resize() method to clear strings?
  • How can I use erase() method to clear strings?
  • How can I add a char to a wide string?
  • How can I remove char from a string?
  • How can I use push_back() method in strings?
  • Can I use push_back() and pop_back() methods in std::string as same as in std::wstring?

Here are our favorite C++ posts of this week

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We will continue to more topics about C++ in general and specific topics for C++ Builder, Dev-C++, and for the other C++ compilers. Please keep following our LearnCPlusPlus.org website for the latest posts and updates. Feel free to comment and share with your colleagues, students, members – knowledge is power, and knowledge shared is empowering.

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