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How To Add Website Metrics To Your Apps Right Now

Website metrics are very important for webmasters to analyze and judge the efficacy and usefulness of their websites. Typically the metrics will show the ranking information, indexing information, spam ranging and many more information to get an idea about the page. The downside is that many website metrics APIs have results pages which are either tricky to get to directly or you wish to…
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How to best load an image from a URL using TWebBrowser when targeting multiple devices

In this snippet, I placed a TWebBrowser control onto my FireMonkey form and aligned it to the client. I then set up the following OnFormCreate event to load a web image into the browser control. I also restricted the image size to the screen dimensions of the device. procedure TWebBrowserImageDemo.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); const cHtmlString = '<img src=%s width=100%%…
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