This Is How To Improve the Performance of .NET Apps

Microsoft’s .Net is one of the most popular technologies used by businesses to power mission-critical digital services. Millions of developers use C#, ASP.Net, etc., to develop different types of widely used software solutions, primarily for Windows development. Solutions which use .Net range from Windows client applications, database applications, XML web services to niche corporate…
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RAD Studio

The Future Of Software Performance Is At Stake

If you look at the modern-day software development industry from outside, everything, especially development on windows, looks like it couldn’t have been better. Virtually every technology field that requires programming, from websites and consumer services to…

Everything You Need To Know About Paths And Files In C++

Hello C++ Developers, We have some really great C++ posts on with examples aboutPath Manipulation Routines that can be used in your C++ Builder Windows applications or your Mobile application, games, or may help to extend your C++ knowledge by the given different methods below. If you are new to RAD Studio, we think these posts may help you much as a rapid…
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TonCut Is An Ultimate Cutting Optimization Tool Powered By Delphi

Ton­Cut is in­tended for cut­ting op­ti­miza­tion of flat (2D) and long (1D) ma­te­ri­als, such as: glass, wood, stone, metal, alu­minum, plex­i­glass, card­board, tubes, bars, etc. The pro­gram al­lows to re­duce waste when cut­ting sig­nif­i­cantly and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “TonCut not only optimizes perfectly but is also fast, efficient…
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