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Everything You Need To Modernize With RAD Server

In the modern age, isn’t it true to say we are completely surrounded and immersed in the technology of diverse forms? Much of it now is entirely cloud-based, but there’s still a substantial proportion that employs a mix of both cloud and more physical hardware computing resources. However, the common thread among all of these technologies, even the most recent ones, is the certainty of…
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Modernize Your App: Are You Handling Windows Themes Correctly?

Modern versions of Microsoft Windows are arguably a lot more pleasing to look at.  Gone are the days of apps being gray slabs and chunky buttons.  When Microsoft adopted the Fluent UI interface, along with it came a richer color palette, a cleaner, leaner look, and fonts without the curls and twists of the Serif families. Sidling in with that beauty treatment were a number of other usability and…
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