LearnCPlusPlus.org :: Sort Text, Paste A Matrix To Excel, Use Optional, Parallel Tasks And More In Windows C++ Apps

Hello C++ Developers, We have great C++ picks for you from LearnCPlusPlus.org last week. Do you want to rotate a 3D object in a text form?, Do you want to copy your matrixes or tables and paste to excel forms? Do you want to sort .txt files in modern C++? Do you want to learn how to use the ‘optional’ C++ feature? Want to learn more about practical memory pool-based allocators?
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Use the Excel.Application in C++Builder(bcc64)[JAPAN]

Author: Pixelot12345 How to use the Excel.Application in C++Builder. Target device is Win64. Use the ComObj, call in CreateOleObject (“Excel.Application”). Including ComObj is required. In C++Builder it is below. //// #include "System.Win.ComObj.hpp" Import from CSV file to Excel file. //// constexpr wchar_t const def_filename[] =…
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