Terrific Living Psychometrics Application Is Delphi Powered

According to the developer, “This app offers four different calculations and shows the results both in a pane and on a psychrometric diagram: 1. Air treatment Calculates how to convert a given ambient air to a required design air. The steps involved are cooling with a given sensible heat factor, dehumidifying, heating and humidifying (adiabatic or steam). Depending on the given and required…
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Powerful Windows Digital Signal Processing Library for Delphi by Winsoft

Introduction The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) library supports Windows 32 and Windows 64 platforms. It uses General Purpose FFFT package. For instructions on how to install this library in your RAD Studio watch the video below. 2. Demonstrating the Components and What they Do The DSP Demo is very simple. An OnPaint event of the main form is fired when the project is…
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