Take Your Delphi VCL Apps To The Next Level With The Delphi Universal Component Library UWP Controls

Delphi Universal Component Library is the UWP controls for Delphi VCL. With this Delphi Universal Component Library, you can create UWP like programs easily. Delphi UCL gives you the ability to design modern user interfaces within Delphi VCL. The library is free and open-source on GitHub. The main library lies over on this repository, but according to the author of the project, there…
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Vector Containers For Delphi

A few weeks back I did an article on C++Builder where I went completely outside my comfort zone and implemented my very first C++ class. Since I have gotten a taste for C++Builder my adventures with C/C++ is going to continue over the next weeks and months, but like so many others, the Corona virus has forced me to prioritize things differently with regards to work. So for the time being my focus…
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ABI Changes in RAD Studio 10.3

In RAD Studio 10.3 we’ve made an interesting very low-level change that affects both Delphi and C++. This is a change in the how method parameters are passed when a method is invoked. For the vast majority of customers, this issue won’t affect you — or if it does, you will see the effect in terms of bugs that no longer occur. However, you may be interested in what we changed, why, and…
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