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Professional Delphi Library for Automating the LibreOffice

Intro LibreOffice is one of the most used, popular, powerful, and free office suite, used by millions of people around the world. Moreover, deployed so many business solutions to automate or process documents. Since LibreOffice is open-source and free, there are already available libraries to automate and work with LibreOffice from several programming languages. To connect your Delphi…
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Vector Containers For Delphi

A few weeks back I did an article on C++Builder where I went completely outside my comfort zone and implemented my very first C++ class. Since I have gotten a taste for C++Builder my adventures with C/C++ is going to continue over the next weeks and months, but like so many…

ABI Changes in RAD Studio 10.3

In RAD Studio 10.3 we’ve made an interesting very low-level change that affects both Delphi and C++. This is a change in the how method parameters are passed when a method is invoked. For the vast majority of customers, this issue won’t affect you — or if it does…