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High-Performance Bluetooth Low Energy Library For RAD Developers

Embarcadero offers a set of components and libraries to work with Bluetooth Low Energy or just BLE-enabled devices. For instance, you can utilize the new TBluetoothLE component to implement the RTL BluetoothLE feature for server and client applications using with FireMonkey. Furthermore, the RTL provides a BLE scan filter implementation that takes advantage of the new BLE low consumption chips.
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Measure Heart Rate Using Delphi And C++ Builder With The Power Of ThingConnect IoT Device Component Pack

When I think about Delphi and C++ Builder, the first thing that comes to my mind is powerful third party components that interface with almost everything. Or the syntax we have which is like writing a novel in the English language. RAD Studio comes with hundreds of components that simplify working with probably everything, from standard components to Internet of Things components. Today, I…
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