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Storing Enterprise Data on Mobile: How to Identify And Manage The Security Risks

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Storing data on-device for apps on mobile is a practical and efficient way to manage data. However, it can present a number of security risks, both for data at rest and for data in transit. This is especially acute given that mobile devices wander with their owner everywhere, can be stolen or hacked, and vital data can be lost.


The Full Impact of a Data Breach

The real cost of a data breach can be truly far-reaching. A single attack can break a company, and lead to a multitude of consequences. Here are some of them:

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Built-In Mobile-Focused Features

Embarcadero’s own award-winning database, InterBase, comes with a set of well-considered features designed to provide excellent functionality on mobile, for applications designed for a multitude of use cases, ranging from games to healthcare data gathering in conjunction with connected devices.

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The most important among these are multi-dimensional encryption and role-based access. Multi-dimensional encryption means that data is encrypted at multiple levels, including the database as a whole and in sub-parts. One rare security feature that InterBase offers as standard is column-level encryption, a practical feature for specific commonly-used datasets. 

Role-based security defines access not for specific people (although that is also available), but for roles, such as DBA, CTO, engineer, etc. As a result, those contributing data to the database are unable to access data beyond a level set for them by the admin. And if users migrate from one role to another, they automatically lose the access they were granted based on their previous role. This eliminates a great deal of the complexity of managing security access for large teams.

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Zooming in on Data Security on Mobile

In an eloquent e-Guide titled “Enterprise Data on Mobile: Top 5 Mistakes And How to Avoid Them,” Embarcadero’s own Stephen Ball dives deep into the aspects of data security that pertain to mobile. Stephen names the top 5 mistakes that are all too easy to make when enterprises hold data on mobile, and how these mistakes can be easily avoided with the proper forethought and the right approach.

Get Stephen’s free e-Guide here:

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