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Start Creating Powerful FireMonkey Linux Applications In 1 Hour With This Video Tutorial

Let’s get started with Delphi FireMonkey and make a visually stunning Linux application! In this webinar, you will learn all of the steps required to begin developing Linux solutions. So read on, learn and show what you’ve got!


  • Installation
    • Supported platforms
    • PAServer
    • SDK & Packages
  • Usage
    • UI Elements
    • Samples
    • Database Access FireDAC
  • Migrating from Windows VCL
    • Mida Converter
  • 3rd Party Support
  • Broadway Web

Why FMX on Linux?

  • Save money on Windows licenses
  • Kiosk or Point of Sale – Single-purpose computers with locked-down user interfaces
  • Linux offers more security options
  • IoT & Industrial Automation – Add user interfaces for integrated systems
  • Many government systems require Linux support

Delphi for Linux History

  • 1999 Kylix: aka Delphi for Linux, introduced
  • 2002 Kylix 3 was the last update to Kylix
  • 2017 Delphi 10.2 Tokyo introduced Delphi for x86 64bit Linux
  • 2017 Eugene Kryukov of KSDev released FmxLinux
  • 2019 Embarcadero includes FmxLinux with Delphi 10.3.2 Rio

Be sure to check out the whole session to learn all the steps to get started with your Linux development!

Head over and find out more about Delphi and Linux over in the Embarcadero DocWiki!

Interested in building Linux applications with FireMonkey? Try the Cross-Platform Development Framework, which can help you create & design apps in Delphi or C++ environments.

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