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Start Building Apps for Single Board Computers With Delphi or C++ Builder Now!

In this webinar, you can learn about other possibilities of Delphi and C++ Builder on Raspberry Pi and SBC. What is SBC? It stands for Single Board Computer. 

Overview of the webinar:

  • SBC and use cases
  • Exploring CPU Architectures
  • Linux vs. Android vs. Windows 
  • Examples, Demonstration, and Resources to follow

SBC is usually a very small form factor and you get all the hardware on the board. Maybe you can extend with other tiny hardware like Wifi adapters. Raspberry Pi is one of the popular board computers that you can create your projects or make you a small server with that. Usually runs on Linux or Windows 10 IoT. And as I said before, it could be ideal for embedded systems or IoT projects.

Use Cases:

  • Electronic Kiosk
  • Dedicated data collectors
  • Automation control systems
  • Point of Sales systems
  • Hobby projects
  • Home media centers
  • Edgeware & EdgePoints
  • Smart Beacons and e.t.c

Moreover, you might find amazing other single board computers and lots of available options to develop projects with SBCs.

Be sure to watch the whole session and share it!

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