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Set to Make an Appearance at the Premier International Pascal Congress in Salamanca

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I am delighted to announce that between July 3 and 7, I will be traveling to Salamanca, Spain, to participate in the inaugural International Pascal Congress. This notable event is the brainchild of the University of Salamanca.

A quick peek at the event’s official webpage, https://pascalcongress.com/ , unveils the aim of this distinctive gathering – to stimulate the growth and reach of the Pascal programming language ecosystem:

The International Pascal Congress (IPC) serves as a global platform intended to bring together various stakeholders within the software sector whose work is grounded in the Pascal suite of programming languages. Taking place from 3 to 7 July 2023 at the University of Salamanca, Spain, IPC 2023 is set to offer a vibrant and forward-thinking exploration of the Pascal language family’s role within the software domain. The IPC 2023 will primarily be conducted in English.

The Congress will be packed with various activities – from insightful keynote speeches and comprehensive courses, roundtable discussions on pivotal concepts, social gatherings to scientific sessions, and showcasing both open source and commercial projects. The thread connecting all these diverse activities will be Pascal programming.

I will be sharing the stage as a keynote speaker with a stellar lineup of experts, including Bruno Fierens, Daniele Teti, Primoz Gabrijelcic, Michalis Kamburelis, Detlef Overbeek, and Dr. Johannes W. Dietrich. Several other speakers will impart their knowledge in technical sessions, courses, and presentations on products and projects.

Antonio Zapater, an Embarcadero pre-Sales consultant based in Europe and with a very deep knowledge of Delphi, will also join the International Pascal Congress on behalf of the company and he’ll help drive some of the training sessions and product presentations.

I eagerly anticipate this enriching week surrounded by Delphi and Pascal connoisseurs. The promotion of Object Pascal on a broader scale is of the essence, and it is heartening to see Embarcadero stepping up to sponsor this significant event.

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