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Rapidly Create Modern Looking Responsive Master-Detail User Interfaces

create modern looking responsive master detail user interfaces rapidly

RAD Studio comes with hundreds of visual and non-visual components to make developers’ life easier. But not knowing how to use them is the problem most of the time. I have seen many new VCL and FMX developers try to do something within a hard way. So, we are here for you to help on making things easy for you. 

Most of the time problems occur when a developer does not know what he has in his development environment. For instance, creating visually-stunning cross-platform user interfaces with FireMonkey sometimes can be intimidating. But, knowing where and when to utilize the exact component is a good sign of a RAD developer.

delphi tmultiview sample c builder tmultiview sample app

Here, I would like to discuss the TMultiView component. TMultiView component allows you to create a master-detail interface quickly. So, you can implement a master-detail interface that can be used for any available platform available in the RAD Studio.

How can I create a cross-platform master detail interface?

The Multiview Navigation demo shows you how to implement a master-detail interface and display the Multiview control as a slide-in drawer, popover menu, docked panel, and several modes.

Be sure to head over and check out the Multiview Navigation demo on the GetIt portal and download it from the IDE using the GetIt Package Manager

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