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RADStudio IDE Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

keyboard shortcuts

RAD Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

The RAD Studio IDE has a great number of keyboard shortcuts that can save you from grabbing the mouse and help you code even faster. The RAD Studio keyboard shortcuts can help developer productivity during many of the regular jobs a developer does in the IDE including,

  • Navigating your project within the IDE
  • Writing code faster with code completion, code templates, macro recording (and playback), code folding, and books
  • Advanced refactoring, and basic search and replace
  • Selecting, moving, and rearranging components at design time
  • Opening or selecting specific IDE windows
  • Running and debugging projects
  • Creating ToDo’s

The RAD Studio IDE is a really powerful code editor, but with so many shortcuts, it’s often hard to know where to start. Following discussions with a group of new users recently that were up-skilling to RAD Studio, I have created this printable keyboard cheat sheet that is really useful to keep close to hand or put on the wall. Not all keyboard shortcuts are in here, but I have focused on many of the commonly used ones that are not specific to the operating system. For the complete guide, visit DocWiki.

keyboard shortcut guide

Click to open the PDF version or Remix the Original

Learning  more about RAD Studio IDE Productivity Shortcuts

There are a number of blog posts and articles that have been created over the years discussing shortcuts and IDE productivity. Here are a few favorites to help you further.

Can you use alternative Keyboard Mappings in RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder?

Yes, you can! The RAD Studio IDE Keyboard mappings can be set to a number of different formats, including Visual Basic and Visual Studio. For a full index of keyboard mappings, visit DocWiki Keyboard Mappings Index. This can really help if you are using alternative layouts in other software on a regular basis and are used to those keyboard mapping.


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