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RAD Studio Enterprise & UltraEdit: Smarter Development With the “Swiss Army Knife” of Text Editors


Delivering reliable and enduring applications to demanding customers requires reliable and enduring tools. RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder have helped developers deliver large-scale enterprise applications that perform without fail in mission-critical environments like oil and gas, medical diagnostics, industrial robotics, and more.

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One area of application development that requires more sophisticated research, planning and execution than usual is that of enterprise software.

Enterprise software entails a level of development complexity and coordination that involves a broader toolset, and often requires that a number of components be developed in parallel and potential in different languages and with different requirements.

When multiple components are built in parallel with a view to merging them later, the ideal scenario requires that development occurs with the smallest number of the most versatile set of tools possible – tools that can merge and manage very large files, and output the merged files without crashing.

If you are using RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder Enterprise or Architect, for example, you may want to do the core software with these IDEs while developing components in parallel using another tool to save time and money. That other tool needs to be a “Swiss Army Knife” that can handle any file of any size and type you give it. That Swiss Army Knife of file editors is known as Ultra Edit.

The Swiss Army Knife of Text Editors

UltraEdit is a powerful, flexible, and highly configurable text-editing tool with an extensive array of data-editing features designed to meet every user’s needs.

Through its 28 years of development, UE has developed into a must-have, multipurpose utility tool for any developer or IT professional. Existing users include database admins, data analysts, security researchers, software architects, and a lot more users who rely on UE for diverse purposes

UE is one of those versatile tools that fits a lot of use cases. It isn’t designed toward a specific domain in tech or engineering—it’s meant to do a lot of things well. That’s why it’s sometimes referred to as the “Swiss Army knife” of text editors.

UltraEdit Features

  • Large file-handling (4 GB+)
  • Dynamic code auto-completion
  • Quick startup and file load 
  • OS integration (command line, shell extension)
  • Replace and find in files/replace in files
  • File and selection sorting
  • Integrated file compare and diff operations
  • Native FTP/SFTP browser, SSH/telnet console
  • Supports dozens of programming languages and hex editing
  • Column/block mode editing
  • Special XML and JSON support (parse and reformat)
  • And more

UltraEdit Reinforces your IDE

Most developers use a full-fledged IDE (like RAD Studio or Visual Studio) as their main workhorse for development work. These IDEs provide a complete coding environment—specialized features, language-centric functionality, and a built-in compiler/debugger. 

For example, RAD Studio users spend their day working with Delphi or C++. However, it’s inevitable that developers often run into one-off, albeit time-consuming, tasks. Retrieving log files from a server to check for errors using an IDE isn’t the best option; that’s where UltraEdit comes in.

UE allows you to veer away from this prefabricated workflow. You can be writing C code one second and working on HTML or JavaScript the next. It gives developers the all-in-one tool they need to edit almost any type (or size) of file—all packaged in one highly optimized editor.

Sometimes you need to dive into text files a couple of hundred megabytes in size.



While nominally a text editor, UE also comes equipped with the option of the All-Access Bundle. This is a suite of development tools that integrate inputs and outputs with one another. The All-Access Bundle includes the following:

  • UEStudio
    A variant of UltraEdit with better features for teams and developers, such as intelligent code completion, project management, and Git integration
  • UltraCompare
    A powerful file-compare application that can search and process duplicates in text files and folders 
  • UltraFinder
    A quick and lightweight Windows search program designed to find text in files anywhere—more powerful than basic 
  • UltraFTP
    A personal, stand-alone FTP client built upon the framework of other UltraProducts

ultraedit suite

All UltraEdit licenses include UltraCompare Pro

Every UE license comes with a license for UltraCompare Professional—a similarly powerful diff tool. UC Pro offers two-way and three-way file compare and merge, folder compare and sync, hex compare, table/Excel compare, local/remote sync, and Git integration.

World-Class Support and Security for Professionals

As an enterprise-grade editor, UltraEdit is all about performance and productivity. One unique aspect of having UltraEdit is access to a professional development team and support staff who are ready to answer your questions. 

Whether you are stuck on a feature or need something specific for your project, the UE support staff is readily available and will get back to you on the same day. Users need only to send them a message.


Security is also a key feature of UltraEdit. While vulnerabilities involving text editors are not extensive, the UE development team understands that these small surface areas should not be underestimated. All UE versions and products undergo scrutiny before they are released.

A personal UE license is good for up to three machines on any combination of platforms. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Ready to supercharge your productivity with one of the most powerful tools?

Get UltraEdit now

UltraEdit is also available with RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder Enterprise or Architect until September 30!

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