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RAD Studio 10 Seattle New Code Samples and Snippets

Author: Brian Alexakis



Windows 10 VCL Controls    

Quickly and Easily Bring Your VCL App to Windows 10

Trusted by millions of developers worldwide, the VCL (Visual Component Library) is a set of visual components for rapid development of Windows applications in the Delphi Object Pascal language and standard C++. VCL contains a wide variety of visual, non-visual, and utility classes building GUI, web, database, and console applications.

Additions to the VCL in RAD Studio 10 Seattle includes a huge update for Windows 10 VCL Controls!

  • NEW! ActivityIndicator VCL Control
  • NEW! RelativePanel VCL Control
  • NEW! SearchBox VCL Control
  • NEW! SplitView VCL Control
  • NEW! ToggleSwitch VCL Control

C++ Code Samples

Object Pascal Samples



NEW! Windows 10 Notifications

Easily access the Windows 10 Notification service!

C++ Demo Code

Object Pascal Demo Code

NEW! Android Beacon Service

Turn your Android phone into a Beacon!

Object Pascal Demo Code

NEW! Android Notification Service

Notifications provide a way for your application to get the users attention even when the application is not running.

Object Pascal Demo Code

NEW! AppAnalytics

Understand your users, wherever they are, with AppAnalytics.

C++ Demo Code

Object Pascal Demo Code

NEW! Maps

Demonstrates the use of the new TMapView component.

C++ Demo Code

Object Pascal Demo Code

NEW! Bluetooth

A collection of demos using Bluetooth including Beacons, Classic Bluetooth, ExploreDevicesLE, Heart Rate Monitor, and Proximity Client Server

C++ Demo Code

Object Pascal Demo Code

NEW! AppTethering

This application uses TMediaPlayer, TMediaPlayerControl, and TTimer in order to implement the HD media player.

C++ Demo Code

Object Pascal Demo Code




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