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RAD Studio 10.4 Patch 3 is out: VCL Grids, C++ Win64 Debugging, and C++ Android Exception Handling and Resources

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We’ve just released a patch (or hotfix) 3 for Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10.4.

We recommend that you install Patch #3, which was released today if you use VCL grids or C++Builder. This patch fixes several issues in RAD Studio 10.4 related to the VCL Grid, the C++ Win64 debugger (including the addition of a new formatter), C++ Builder Android exceptions, and C++ Android resource linking.

Two very important things to note:

  1. Install Patch 1 and Patch 2 first, in order (1, then 2, then 3.)
  2. Installing this patch has a manual step, just like patch #2, and it’s easy to get caught by it. Please follow the same instructions as patch #2 to install. Just installing via GetIt does not really install the patch. See full visual instructions for patch 2 (applicable to patch 3) here or read below for steps.


Installation Steps (via GetIt)

  • Use GetIt to download the patch
  • The patch executable is copied along with a ZIP file in a folder like: C:Users<name>DocumentsEmbarcaderoStudio21.0CatalogRepository10.4Patch3-10R104_Patch3
  • Close the RAD Studio 10.4 IDE (and also any other earlier versions of RAD Studio IDE)
  • From the folder, run the batch file patch3.bat
  • The installation will require elevation and proceed by adding a detailed log file to the catalog repository folder.
  • When completed, restart the IDE

Installation Steps (via Download Portal)

  • Use my.embarcadero.com to download the patch
  • Similarly to the steps above, close the IDE and run the patch software via batch file from the download location

Uninstallation steps (both cases)

  • Open the Catalog Repository installation folder above
  • Run patch3uninstall.bat
  • Alternatively, copy the files from the backup folder to the main RAD Studio installation folder
  • Only *after* you have cleared the patch, uninstall the package from GetIt

Patch Contents

RAD Studio 10.4 Patch #3 addresses the following both customer-reported (RSP-) and internal (RS-) issues:

C++ Android:
RSP-27268 C++ Builder 10.3.3 Android Exceptions
RSP-29218 C++ Android error E4620 processing resource .fmx -2 raised

RSP-29628 VCL Grids bug

C++ Win64 Debugging:
RSP-29239 Debugger does not start
RSP-29206 can’t debug win64 at all
RSP-29145 C++Builder 64-bit Debugger alters the default working directory from the app executable directory
RSP-29125 New Windows 64-bit debugger freezes and does not stop on exceptions
* Partial fix: Exception handling support in the debugger has been improved but there are still issues: OS-level exceptions (e.g. AV) are not always caught and reported. Some language-level exception types are not displayed correctly
RS-100553 [LLDB Win64 C++] Add formatter for unique_ptr
RS-100134 FMX & VCL C++ 64-bit App become unresponsive while trying to debug it
RS-97111 Evaluation of TLabel->Caption property returns “Unknown error”

This is a critical set of fixes. It’s worth noting the C++ items, in addition to the VCL grids issue, which affects you if you use this control. First, if you encountered this problem and need to update your Android 32-bit app by August 1st, you must understand Android exception handling. The issue of resource linking is also worth mentioning. Second, with the release of 10.4, we added a new debugger for Win64 that is a huge improvement: it’s based on LLDB 9, has tools to evaluate and inspect STL collections or your own complex data structures, and more – it’s now on par with the classic debugger, which is important for moving to Clang.

This patch fixes a number of bugs, especially with large projects, and also adds a new formatter (visualiser) for std::unique_ptr so you can easily inspect their contents.


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