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RAD Studio 10.3 Patches – December 2018

Today, we released two patches for Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10.3. They are available as registered user downloads.

December 2018 IDE Patch for 10.3

This patch fixes a few issues related with the RAD Studio IDE in 10.3, including problems building an UWP app for the Windows Store, missing application configuration options in C++Builder, the lack of DBExpress Enterprise drivers in Data Explorer and an incorrect configuration for the Android NDK.

Download Link: https://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30870

December 2018 RAD Server Database Migration Patch for 10.3

RAD Server offers automatic migration of its database. The version in 10.3 can successfully migrate the database from 10.2.3, but not from older versions, limiting the migration of existing projects (in development or already deployed). This patch fixes the problem, allowing automatic migration from older versions of the database in the RAD Server (EMS) Upgrade Wizard.

This patch only applies to Enterprise and Architect edition users.

Download Link: https://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30871

In case you missed it, we also released a missing files patch last week:

December 2018 Missing Files Patch for 10.3

This patch resolves issues of missing PCRE obj files if you do not install DUnitX and missing java source files for some of the new enhancements.

Download Link: http://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30869

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