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PrintDAT Is A Powerful Reporting Component For Printing Datasets

create reports in 5 seconds

Have you ever thought about creating a data report by writing just one line of code? One of the best third party components can do that! This is really amazing.

PrintDAT by Grebar Systems Inc. offers you to make TDBrid, TStringGrid, TListbox, TTable, TQuery, TDataset, TClientDataset, including virtually all 3rd party databases printable by just 1 line of command. You can print or export it easily.

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How to utilize PrintDAT component?

  • Install the component from the GetIt Package Manager
  • Drop the PrintDAT component
  • Execute the command: PdtPrintDAT1.Print;
  • That is it!

PrintDAT Features:

  • Print from data components
  • Print from different databases
  • Fully customizable designs
  • Add report titles and footers at run-time
  • Print memos and long strings by word-wrapping within a cell
  • No dependency – pure VCL!

Be sure to check out the PrintDAT Report Component on the GetIt portal and download it from the IDE!

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