Building The Future With Delphi #Delphi27th

Bill Clinton was President, Windows 3.1 was king, and CompuServe was still a thing. The R&D team at Borland Software Corporation which included Anders Hejlsberg, Gary Whizin, Chuck Jazdzewski, Dave Scofield, Allen Bauer, Hank Cox, Marc Cousineau, and Ray Kaestner released Delphi and changed the software development world forever. In 1995 Delphi was lauded as the next generation Windows…
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6 Books About Delphi You Should Read

Reading is an essential skill for Windows application development. Development is a nebulous and constantly expanding subject and I’ve noticed that the most successful coders, project managers and designers are often readers with a voracious appetite for consuming…

The Top 10 Tips For Excellent Windows 11 C++ App Development

Windows 11 is fast reaching the point where it’s impossible to ignore if you want to carry out c++ app development with Builder C++ or target Windows users with your apps. Despite the more rigorous hardware requirements, which meant that not every user could immediately install this free new version, it’s still reaching a huge percentage of the world. If you’re going to embrace…
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Everything You Need To Know About Docker And More

The trouble with many lines of business applications is that they often have a habit of wanting solitary ownership of the computer on which they are running. On your personal PC, this is relatively harmless; you’re usually single-tasking, focusing on that application…
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The 5 Best Reasons Why Security First Is A Good Idea

Balancing data privacy and security with user experience is one of the most complex tasks for software developers. Many projects have higher priority for business functionality and security-related tasks are lower priority which leads to an insecure system. Here are some of the reasons why putting security at the forefront of our designs and development is critical, as well as how to…
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Developer Stories: Bruce McKibben And The Excellent Macaos

Bruce McKibben has begun programming in 1997. His software (Macaos Enterprise) was one of the showcase entries for the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge and we interviewed him to get more of his insights on working with Delphi. Go to the Macaos Enterprise website and learn more about the software. When did you start using RAD Studio/Delphi and have long have you been using it? The original…
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