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New Platform Identifiers in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder 11 Alexandria

Platform Identifiers

I was looking through the “What’s New in version 11 Alexandria” and found a cool tidbit about small changes in the RTL for “Platform Identifiers“. Using these platform identifiers can help in your cross platform development projects. Ensuring that all of the platform related identifiers use a consistent naming pattern will also help in your programming efforts.

You will find the new platform identifiers in the  System.Classes.pas and System.Classes.hpp files. Note: a few of the platform identifiers are now marked with the deprecated attribute.

Platform Identifiers  Platform Identifiers C++

C++Builder note: In the screen grab above, I used the “Classic” C++ compiler to display the deprecated warning message in the Message Window. In the DocWiki there is a note about workarounds in using the Clang-enhanced compilers and deprecated attributes. The DocWiki entry says to “use #pragma obsolete as a workaround for the deprecated attribute.”


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