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New GetIt Web Portal

Since introducing the GetIt Package Manager in RAD Studio XE8, Embarcadero has been focusing on making it a great tool for distributing additional libraries, components, tools, samples, demo projects, styles and more to RAD Studio customers. We use it to distribute Embarcadero add-ons, but also third party open source libraries and free offerings, and trial versions of paid components. The GetIt engine is also used for product installation and for delivering patches.

Until recently, discovering and navigating through GetIt packages and categories and learning more about the entire GetIt catalog of content has only been possible from within the RAD Studio IDE itself.

We’re excited to announce a new public facing website, https://getitnow.embarcadero.com, that lists the GetIt content for the latest RAD Studio release and allows users to easily navigate the same categories, and filter by product and vendor. This new website queries the GetIt server to make sure that the content remains aligned over time.

The GetItNow Site

As you open https://getitnow.embarcadero.com/ you’ll see a list similar to what RAD Studio presents in the GetIt Package Manager dialog box.

By default, the site lists all packages, sorted by date, with the latest created or modified components showing first. In the screenshot above, you see the components sorted by name.

The side navigation panel also offers the ability to filter by supported product, by update subscription, and by category. There is also a search field, allowing you to search by package name. As you open a component, you see a detailed view with more information, including license details:

Notice that the image on the side is just a placeholder, and that the information displayed does not include the indication if the package is available in all SKUs, or only in the Enterprise and Architect ones. At the bottom of the page you can see additional packages from the same vendors and related packages (in this cases, I’m showing info for the Alien Invasion game):

The page for each component has a unique URL, like https://getitnow.embarcadero.com/AlienInvasion-1.11/ so that you can share a link with another developer or on social media. We have done some extra effort to make sure that when you link to the pages on social media, the site displays a nice preview. To achieve this, use the Share links for Twitter and Facebook in the package page.

Site Navigation

The site has additional navigational options that you can reach by using the main menu items in the top banner:

Just the Beginning

We are excited about the value the launch of the GetIt Portal website provides to our customers. It makes it easier to browse GetIt content and share it with other developers, and it also allows us to highlight all of the great packages from our third party ecosystem that are available in GetIt. We have plans for extending the site in the future, and welcome your feedback.


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