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New Delphi and C++Builder RAD Server Courses now on Embarcadero Academy

I am proud to announce that two new RAD Server courses are available on the Embarcadero Academy!

Using Delphi & RAD Server

Using C++Builder & RAD Server

What You’ll Learn

Watching the lecture videos, reading the lecture course notes and working with the example cpde you’ll learn the following:

  • RAD Server’s application development tips and techniques
  • RAD Server’s platform requirements
  • How to build and test your first RAD Server applications
  • How to deploy your RAD Server applications to Windows+IIS and Linux+Apache
  • The new RAD Server features in RAD Studio 10.3 Rio releases
  • How to build client applications using RAD Studio and Sencha EXT JS to access your RAD Server endpoints
  • What sample projects and application templates are available for RAD Server to help get you started
  • Where to find additional references, resources, videos, blog posts and more


Using Delphi and RAD Server to Rapidly Design, Build, Debug, and Deploy Services-Based Solutions

Using C++Builder and RAD Server to Rapidly Design, Build, Debug, and Deploy Services-Based Solutions


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