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New Book Pricing

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Author: NickHodges

Hey, folks, I have some good news — I’ve dropped the prices on my books all across the board.

This post from a few months ago has been updated with the new pricing.

A few things to note:

I’m giving dollar prices here, but the prices have also been lowered for Euros and British Pounds on Amazon.
CreateSpace no longer appears to sell books directly, so I removed those links.
Coding in Delphi‘s price doesn’t appear to have updated right away on Amazon.  The new price is $24.99. Hopefully it will update soon.
More Coding in Delphi is now $29.99
Dependency Injection in Delphi is now $19.99
The Coding in Delphi Bundle on LeanPub is now $39.99
The Nick’s Delphi Book Bundle on LeanPub is now $49.99

These are not temporary price drops — they are permanent.

As always, I am very grateful to everyone who has and will buy my books.

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