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My quotes.txt file

Author: Rudy Velthuis

I have often been asked about the quotes I use when writing to the newsgroups. These come from a file called quotes.txt, and are placed under my messages by my news client, XanaNews, by some kind of random process. Although, sometimes the quotes are so appropriate, that I still suspect that Colin Wilson (the author of XanaNews) has secretly put a small, hidden artificial intelligence machine into the sources.

Anyway, many people have asked me for the quotes file. That is why I decided to publish it on my website. I will attempt to update it regularly.

The format is simple: quotes are free form, and are separated by a lines with a single . character on them. If you enhance the quote file with many new and nice quotes, I’d like you to notify me.

Have fun with it.

Rudy Velthuis

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