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Manipulate Excel Files On Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, And Linux

advanced robust component set to manipulate excel files

FlexCel is one of the most robust and comprehensive component suites for native Excel reports and file generation using VCL and FireMonkey. It includes over 300 Excel functions for calculation. The best part is that it is a cross-platform component suite with native support for reading and creating Excel files.

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TMS FlexCel supports more than that. For instance, you can export .XLS & .XLSX files to SVG and creates complex reports using Excel that supports images, comments, pivot tables, charts, conditional formats, and almost anything you need.

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Many developers like the abstractions of the TMS FlexCel that provides you to build applications in no time without writing too much code. Furthermore, FlexCel has full documentation and more than 50+ samples which shows all the functionalities of the TMS FlexCel components.

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Be sure to head over and check out the the TMS FlexCel component suite on the GetIt portal and download it from the IDE.

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You can Manipulate Excel Files On Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux with the use of Cross-Platform App Builder. Request a Free Trial here.

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