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Logical to Physical Data Modeling

Author: Cosmin G6814

In the last article we learned how to create a data model from scratch using ER/Studio Data Architect. In part II we will explore about how to convert a Logical Data Model into a Physical Data Model.


Section 1: Generating a Physical Data Model

Task 1

1) Launch ER/Studio Data Architect

2) Open the last created model

3) We shall now be generating a Physical Model to an actual Database Schema to 
InterBase – An Award winning Embedded Database Solution from Embarcadero Technologies

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Section 2: Generating the Database Platform SQL — Interbase

1) Click on the Model Menu — Choose Generate Physical Data Model


 2) You will get a warning now asking if you would like to proceed, Click Yes


3) You will now be presented with the Physical Data Model Generation Screen


 In the above screen, you can give your Physical Data Model a name, The type of model, Relational in this case. When it comes to the Target Database Platform, we will be choosing InterBase XE3 as an example. We can leave the other settings as a default.In the next screen, you are presented with a list of options, that indicate which entities will be generated. Leave the defaults and just click Finish to generate the Physical Data Model


Final Section: Viewing the Physical Data Model SQL

In this final section, we view the generated SQL for our InterBase Database

Now as you can see on the left hand side a green icon — IBPDM (InterBase Physical Data Model) — This indicates that it is a Physical Data model

  • Expand the Tables Section and double click on the Dept table
  • You should be able to see the SQL Generated for our InterBase Database


  • You may now connect to your InterBase Database and run this SQL in the IBConsole SQL Editor



Finally, Congratulations! You have successfully converted a Logical Data Model to a Physical Data Model in ER/Studio Data Architect.

Stay tuned for more topics in the series.

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