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Learn Ultra-Fast Database App Development With Delphi LiveBindings Sample App

Connecting to database and data-aware controls was no more a time consuming task for Delphi/C++Builder developers. With Absolute no code you can just and drop components and bind visually to show case your valuable data to the user interface controls faster.

BindGridLinkVCL Sample demonstrates the use of a TBindGridLink.

You can find Delphi and C++ code samples in GitHub Repositories. Search by name into the samples repositories according to your RAD Studio version.

Components used in BindGridLinkVCL App:

  • TStringGrid represents a grid control designed to simplify the handling of strings and associated objects.
  • TBindGridLink: Used when binding controls to grids. TBindGridLink is built on the TCustomBindGridLink class
  • TBindingsList: Built on the TCustomBindingsList component and publishes additional properties that can be accessed from within the Object Inspector. Add a new binding and select TBindGridLink under Quick Bindings. 
  • TBindingSourceDB:  Nonvisual component that provides a way to make data contained by the specified data source available to all components that want to access it, using LiveBindings.
  • Along with these TDBNavigator, TDataSource,TClientDataset and other UI components such as TLabel, TEdit ,TImage were used.

Implementation Details :

When you run the application, it shows a string grid with data rows from the connected database. DBNavigator is to navigate among the records in the StringGrid. When you select a record the corresponding fish category and image is populated.

Create TBindGridLink Bindings to link the StringGrid Control and TBindSourceDB. Also other bind links such as label, image were made. Set the BindSourceDB’s Dataset with TClientDataset created. Activate the client dataset. Check out the full article in the DocWiki about the BindGridLinkVCL Sample.

<strong>BindGridLinkVCL Sample App<strong>

Check out the full source code for the BindGridLinkVCL projects for Delphi and C++Builder over on GitHub.

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