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Learn to Program with Community Edition

Author: Rebekah D

Get started programming with our Community Editions! 

Community Edition is our full-featured and free IDE to build applications for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS from a single codebase using the robust and easy-to-learn Delphi language. It’s the perfect way to get started learning a new programming language or explore multi-device app development. Embarcadero’s Community Edition is available for Delphi and C++Builder.   

We’ll use the same “calculator” sample application to demonstrate how to use Community Edition to develop an application in either C++ or Delphi. Each learning track contains five posts, and follow the same progression so you can switch back and forth if you want to see how the application is created in the other language. 

Ready to get started? 

Bonus Video: Installing the Community Edition IDE

Learn to Program with Delphi Community Edition (with Marco Cantu)

  1. Introduction and Installation to Delphi CE  
  2. Building and Debugging with Delphi
  3. Architecture and Layers of Code
  4. Designing user interfaces
  5. Putting the Calculator Together  

Learn to Program with C++Builder (with David Millington) Intermediate Level (some programming experience with C++ or another language) 

  1. C++Builder Introduction and Installation
  2. Building and Debugging with C++Builder
  3. Design, Architecture and User Interfaces (UIs)
  4. Smart pointers, Styles, and Optional Values
  5. Operators and Final Calculator Application


The above tutorials may also be completed with our FREE 30-DAY TRIAL of RAD Studio or any of our paid editions. 

Community Edition is provided free of charge to developers and organizations with fewer than 5 developers and who have revenues less than $5000 USD and comes with a one-year term license and a limited commercial license. Looking for a perpetual license with an unrestricted commercial license? Learn about our Professional, Enterprise and Architect Editions of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio

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