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Learn How To Build A REST API App For iOS In 45 Minutes With Delphi

In this CodeRage session, you can find the most valuable information and best practices on building an application for iOS using Delphi FireMonkey. Easily learn how to build a real-world application using Delphi FireMonkey!


  • Recipes app which fetches data from an open API
  • Deploying to App Store
  • After learning best practices, you can apply to your future projects easily

As you walk through the session, you can find interesting approaches for refreshing the recipe list with the TTask. TTask means everything in the inside of the TTask, gonna be executed in the background. As you can see one of the best functionality of the TTask is to prevent the user interface from locking up if you want to start something in the background. And in this case, the response from an endpoint could get more time.

Be sure to check out the whole session and learn how to deploy Delphi FireMonkey applications to the App Store!

Learn more about using TTask in the parallel programming library.

Learn more about deploying your Delphi apps to iOS.

Find out more about using the REST debugger in RAD Studio to quickly connect to REST services.

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