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Learn Delphi Linux Server Deployment In 3 Minutes With This Tutorial

Delphi Linux Server Support was introduced in RAD Studio 10.2 and since then many things happened. Delphi Linux server provides support for RTL features including Linux file system access, threading, and Parallel Programming Libraries support, Memory management, and HTTP and REST libraries support for HTTP calls. Moreover, full support for remote debugging on a Linux system.

Currently, you can also develop a graphical application with Delphi FireMonkey which means FireMonkey on Linux! From 2019 Embarcadero includes FmxLinux with Delphi (starting from 10.3.2 Rio)

In this short tutorial, you can learn how to create Delphi Linux Server projects with Delphi. It covers:

  • Configuration Process
  • Demo in Action

If you want to deploy your Delphi FireMonkey application to the Linux OS, you can follow links here!

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