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Installing ActiveX Controls in RAD Studio 2007

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Author: Craig Stuntz

The procedure for installing ActiveX controls on the Delphi/RAD Studio 2007 component palette is apparently confusing to some users of older versions of Delphi. So here’s a simple example. In this example, I’m installing the type libraries needed to use the Crystal Reports 9 ActiveX viewer, and the associated runtime type library.  First I create a package for both type libraries, then add the designer the type library to the package, then finally add the ActiveX control for the viewer and install it on the Delphi component palette.

  • File→New→Package
  • Save package as Crystal.dproj in some useful place
  • Component|Import Component
    • Choose “VCL for Delphi Win32”, then “Import a Type Library”
  • Scroll to – Crystal Reports 9 ActiveX Designer Run Time Library (Version 9.0)
  • Click Next, then check “Generate component wrappers,” then Next
  • Choose “Add unit to Crystal.dproj”
  • Click “Finish”

  • Component|Install Component
    • Choose “VCL for Delphi Win32”, then “Import ActiveX control”
    • Crystal Report Viewer Control 9 (Version 9.2)
    • Click Next, then check “Generate component wrappers.” Click Next
    • Choose “Add unit to Crystal.dproj”
    • Click “Finish”

    • Right click Crystal.dproj in Project Manager, choose Install.

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