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[InfoGraphic] DevOps, Development and RAD Studio

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DevOps and RAD Studio

DevOps is a term I’m hearing more and more during customer conversation, and I am often sharing the different ways that Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio programming supports DevOps. (Keep reading – free infographic below)

The term DevOps originates back to around 2008/9 when the two worlds of Development and Operations were traditionally stereotypes as Dev V Ops, with typical exchanges like “It’s not my machines, it’s your code!” – “No, it’s not my code it’s your machines!”. These stereotypes were built from friction found in the key business requirement for almost any system – making changes! The ability to rapidly make changes is important if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

RAD developers are used to Agile development and being able to create changes quickly, however, getting them deployed needs Operations. To the Operations team, making changes brings a high-risk of an outage, but this prevents innovations from being pushed in a timely manner. This conflict is something that DevOps acknowledges and tries to breakdown through new ways of working that bring both sides closer together.

Over the years, the two worlds of Dev and Ops have had to start thinking more like each other, including, how to get feedback from live environments to find issues that appear in the code. Agile, and DevOps like to re-use and expand, so rather than giving a full-blown commentary on how RAD Studio supports Delphi and C++ Builder developers today, let me keep it simple and say that the libraries, components, toolchains (and more) found in RAD Studio, and our wider partner ecosystem, provide broad support to both Developers and Operations teams who need to communicate and share what is happening in the field.

The component-based architecture and cross-platform libraries that work across multiple systems are the perfect foundation stone for rapid agile development, that can be supported simply. But finally, a picture paints a thousand words. This is just a snapshot of the RAD eco-system, there is too much to put everything on here, but I hope this gives a flavor of just the tip of the iceberg, and how the RAD Studio IDE, and the Delphi and C++Builder languages and libraries are enabling development teams the world over to support DevOps today.

RAD Studio DevOps InfoGraphicRAD Studio DevOps Infographic

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