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Happy 2019! What are your #CodingResolutions?

Author: Rebekah D

Happy 2019!

Do you have a 2019 New Year’s Resolution for programming?

Some popular programming resolutions are:

  1. Learn a new programming language. Knowing multiple languages keeps your coding sharp and improves your job prospects by showing you’re adaptable. In RAD Studio, it’s easy for Delphi programmers to learn C++ in a familiar environment, and the same for our C++ developer community to pick up the Delphi language.
  2. Modernize older applications to keep them relevant. This may be updating the UI, or it may be as extensive as overhauling the architecture to take advantage of new technologies or make adopting DevOps easier.
  3. Dive deeper into a programming language. Perhaps you have a working knowledge of a specific programming language but want to learn more. There are really good classes for programming concepts and C++ available for free or inexpensively at  Embarcadero Academy, udemy, coursera, codeacademy intro to C++
  4. Learn more about UI Design.
  5. Mentor new generation of programmers.  Volunteer at a local school, youth groups, or join a Meetup group that partners experienced developers with new programmers. There’s a good chance that your community already has a number of existing groups looking for programming mentors. 
  6. Start the #100DaysOfCode Challenge. Originally, the challenge was to spend an hour every day, for 100 consecutive days, actively coding. We’ve modified our challenge to include learning about language concepts, getting familiar with development environments, and learning new skills. This means some days will have a shorter time coding, but will still progress in learning more about C++ and Delphi.

Day 1: Download and Install the IDE.  

Before we can start coding, we’ll need to ensure we have the right tools installed. If you already have C++ Builder, Delphi, or RAD Studio 10.3 installed, you’re all set!

For new users, you have three choices to install the IDE:

  1. FREE Delphi Community Edition. If you’re interested in learning Delphi, you can download the free Delphi Community Edition.
  2. FREE C++ Community Edition.  Ready to start creating C++ applications with the help of a visual framework? Download the free Community Edition.  
  3. 30 Day Trial of RAD Studio.  If you do not qualify for the Community Edition, or you want to learn both languages simultaneously, get started with 30 Days Free.  

After downloading and installing the IDE, get to know the IDE or browse the tutorials

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