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Getting Started with C++ programming – the videos, articles, examples and docs

It is great to hear from developers who want to learn a new programming language. Some of you may know that I am a programming language and compiler junkie and have been one for the past 46 years ever since I wrote my first program in Fortran. When I receive an email from a developer asking advice about how to get started with C++ programming, I always ask a few questions about their computer and programming background and what types of applications and solutions they want to create. I recently received an email from a developer who had Algol and C# programming experience and wanted to get started with C++ programming using C++Builder. Here are the notes and links I sent back in response. I hope these links will also help other developers get started with modern C++ programming. 

I did some Algol 68 way back in college (1969-1973). Way back then, the collected algorithms of the Communication of the ACM were all written in Algol. Since you know Algol, then Delphi (Object Pascal) or C++Builder (C++11) should be easy to consume. Since you know C#, C++Builder, which supports C++11 (modern C++), should be easy to consume. C++Builder gives you the compilers for Win32, Win64, OS X, iOS and Android along with all of the RTL and frameworks (VCL and FMX) for Windows desktop/server and multi-device development. We have loads of videos, tutorials, samples and documentation to help you get started.


C++ Programming YouTube playlist


C++Builder Enterprise YouTube videos

Short “How To” Videos on YouTube at

Especially watch the short installation and getting started videos:

CodeRage (online virtual conference) replay playlists

For C++, the list of documents/tutorials can be found at the following DocWiki links

Mobile Tutorials (have both Delphi/C++ example code)

The IDE – http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Berlin/en/Integrated_Development_Environment

Code Samples

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